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Since 2015 Texas Gas Transport (TGT) has provided high-pressure cryogenic fuel logistics services to a variety of clients in the industrial/manufacturing and power generation industries. TGT is the premier carrier of CNG and LNG in the Southwest market and takes pride in providing exceptional service to customers and maintaining a spotless safety record. We licensed and equipped to haul CNG / LNG and other high pressure and cryogenic gasses all across the 48 states of the continental USA.

TGT is committed to providing the best possible security for our and your employees and the project. With our outstanding industry reputation with respect to our safety, security, and emergency response programs, TGT is focused on providing the best value through extensive planning and execution of detailed security procedures.

By working diligently to help select and approve the most qualified drivers available and providing them with comprehensive and ongoing training, we ensure their duties will be performed safely and effectively. Each one of our drivers has at least 10 years of Hazmat, high-pressure gases and highly flammable liquids delivery experience. Each one of them takes pride in what they do and become an integral part of the projects they are assigned to. By these measures, the Texas Gas Transport assures that we are putting the very best drivers on the road.

In a world full of risks and uncertainty, Texas Gas Transport (TGT) prides itself on being an institution of strength and stability. TGT’s track record of safety and reliability performance allows our customers to have the utmost confidence in our ability to get job done right, on time and on budget. 

High Pressure Gases / CNG

As a top of the line intermodal freight service, our roots in trucking are the core of our business. Our drivers are dedicated to transporting goods efficiently and safely. We train all of our employees to make sure that transfers are seamless so that time is not lost in transition.

Cryogenics / LNG

Our warehousing and distribution services are optimized by a state of the art inventory system, ensuring that cargo ends up divided into the right trucks and sent to the right destinations at the right time. Our warehouses are protected with 24 hour security systems.

Texas Gas Transport Service Capabilities:

We are committed to the success of this relationship and will allocate all of the resources and support needed to make sure the gas delivery is done uninterruptedly through planned reliability. This can only be accomplished by truly investing in our drivers to make certain they are prepared to deal with any situations that may arise. An example of a base level of training for each driver is shown below:


Complicated logistics are our specialty. Let us know what your shipping goals are and we will get your cargo there.


Our warehousing and distribution services are highly efficent with a state of the art inventory system at the helm.


With 25 years in the business, we’re the absolute go-to hauler for many companies all across the country.

Insurance Coverage

  • Commercial General Liability 
  • Automobile Liability
  • Workers Compensation and Employee Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • Total Coverage $10,000,000.

Licensing / Certification 

  • DOT Registration
  • Hazardous Materials Safety Permit 
  • TX RRC Certification – Category 3
  • NGVi Certification – CNG Fueling Station Operation and Maintenance 

Safety Certifications For Each Driver 

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection & S-Cam Air Brake Inspection
  • Safety and Security Awareness with Hazardous Materials
  • Safety Regulations Parts 382,390,391,395, & 396
  • Emergency Maneuvers & Hazard Perception Challenge
  • Inspection, Pre-trip, In-route, and Post-trip
  • Tanker Vehicle Inspection
  • Accident Procedures 
  • CPR / First Aid Certified

*Our drivers follow a strict schedule of annual safety training including, PPE, Lockout/Tagout, Danger Awareness and Certifications as required. 

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team?

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